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Vidyo is a low latency Telepresence-quality multipoint video communication solution that can be delivered to virtually any Internet-connected device, anytime and anywhere. IDSolutions provides a variety of solutions using the Vidyo components to deliver a complete video conferencing solution. Vidyo is well known for its superior desktop video conferencing solution and boasts Telepresence quality video conferencing directly on a user’s desktop computer.

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How is Vidyo used?

VidyoVidyo conferencing is a flexible way to implement video communications in many types of organizations, such as:

  • Small and Mid-Size businesses – Implementing a comprehensive Vidyo solution allows for Telepresence-quality desktop video conferencing over your network. Everyone in your organization will be communicating and collaborating more effectively from anywhere they have an Internet connection.
  • Education – Schools and Universities can utilize a Vidyo solution to implement distance learning programs, Virtual study groups, Remote field trips and much more. Students will never miss a class again.
  • Telemedicine – Healthcare providers can use Vidyo to extend reach beyond their office doors. HIPPA compliant security allows for remote patient consultations, specialist consultations, Tele-neurology and patient / family communications.

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How is Vidyo Changing the Marketplace?

Vidyo is a more affordable video conferencing solution than the traditional room-based video conferencing market leaders: Irwin Lazur, VP & Research Director, Nemertes Research was engaged to conduct a study on what organizations actually spent on video conferencing infrastructure in the last year. Nemertes reported their findings in a webinar that over 1000 people signed up to attend (recording is available on the web). He commented, “These results validate the potential of Vidyo’s H.264 Scalable video coding/non-transcoding architecture to offer significantly lower initial TCO. In all vendors surveyed, but particularly Vidyo, these savings are compounded in deployments where a large percentage of endpoints are for desktop video conferencing.”

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Vidyo CEO Ofer Shapiro Discusses Video Enabled Banking on CNBC's Squawk Alley from Vidyo Inc. on Vimeo.

Mobile devices will drive IT to find a way to deliver videoconferencing to personal endpoints, and Vidyo has the right architecture to do this: Frost & Sullivan examines the issues driving mobile device adoption and the implications for IT as video conferencing becomes prevalent on these devices. This will drive the requirement for more multipoint infrastructure and Frost & Sullivan identifies the factors that make an MCU-based infrastructure a poor choice. A requirements guide is provided for IT to identify the factors that are important in making a decision, followed by a description of the Vidyo solution in this context.

The Vidyo architecture is the best way to deploy a scalable infrastructure capable of supporting large numbers of endpoints because only Vidyo can efficiently virtualize the media plane: Ira Weinstein, Senior Analyst & Partner, Wainhouse Research was engaged to investigate the challenges to scaling multipoint infrastructure given the requirement for more capacity as organizations move forward to support personal endpoints. His research reviews the shortcomings of a transcoding approach, and goes further into considering how a virtualized infrastructure offers the promise of scalability with reliability. His findings indicate that the non-Vidyo transcoding architectures come up short even if they are software-based.

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IDSolutions: Leading Vidyo Partner

IDSolutions is an authorized reseller and integrator for Vidyo. Our engineering and sales staff is certified to install, service and support Vidyo solutions.

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