How to use IDVideoPhone

An overview on how to use the IDVideoPhone service. Covers topics including application installation, login, how to start a meeting, share content and more.
IDVideophone, Vidyo

Vidyo Presenter Mode

Use Presenter mode to conduct large scale interactive events. The moderator can see all participants, share content, control the meeting and more.
IDVideophone, Vidyo

Vidyo Overview

Great introduction to the features supported by both Vidyo and IDVideoPhone. Direct dialing, group meetings, data sharing and high resiliency over unreliable networks are just a few of the features supported. Telepresence quality with web conferencing convenience.
IDVideophone, Vidyo

VidyoMobile on the iPad

How to use the VidyoMobile application on the Apple iPad.
IDVideophone, Vidyo

How to Join any Conference

See how to join a conference from a desktop, iPad, MAC or VidyoRoom system.
IDVideophone, Vidyo

Vidyo Tutorial Library

Our friends at Vidyo have created a series of tutorials that will help you get the most from your IDVideoPhone subscription.