5.8 Million is why Lecture Capture is so Important to Deliver a Successful Online Learning Experience


According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 5.8 million students are enrolled in distance education courses. More and more students are wanting online learning and in order to achieve effective online education for students, schools and colleges must make the investment in lecture capture solutions.

According to today’s standards, online courses are better organized, have the ability to provide a community for all students to both actively and anonymously participate and offer more opportunities for student/instructor engagement while being equally as challenging. In the end, online learning has the ability to provide fewer obstacles to learning and allows students to set their own pace while learning what they want, when they want.

Lecture Capture fits in perfect for the following tiers:

  • Distance Learning – While a great fit for higher ed, it offers opportunities for K-12 schools alike. These include:
    • Allowing institutions to increase the number of course offerings without incurring physical building expansion costs.
    • Enabling institutions to recruit out-of-state to markets that were not previously available to them.
    • Granting institutions the ability to hire the foremost experts in their disciplines, regardless of location.
    • Allowing the future possibility of integrating “a la carte courses” into online learning platforms, where students can choose an online course based on the instructor, regardless of the institution.
  • Video – Video has become one of the most important tracking methods in this decade for lecture capture solutions and online learning. Students want to see technologies and learning strategies like these bleed over into their educational environments; this is especially true of college students. These online learning video solutions should enable faculty to:
    • Record lectures with “room” recorders or “go anywhere” recorders
    • Upload, edit, and publish the recorded content
    • Capture students’ attention with engaging video players
    • Give students the option to choose live or on-demand streaming of recorded lectures
  • Digital Environments – These solutions provide students another online learning option as they provide an online learning experience that combines digital textbooks and online course content via digital environment tools. These tools are equipped with interactive videos, digital textbooks and quizzes. It is a great help to instructors as it tracks the students’ progress with calendars and dashboards. It can also pinpoint where individual students are are having difficulty with the course content. There are also tools to check students’ essay writing ability and gives them clear insight on their writing and can show them the proper corrections to make them better writers.

At the end of the day, lecture capture enables faculty to better serve students across a variety of study areas and learning styles. Lecture capture solutions…are closing the gap and providing opportunities for schools to replicate the in-classroom experience for distance learners while improving classroom instruction for on-campus students. Plus, solutions like these enable schools to start and maintain a campus video library, extend course options and most importantly boost student achievement and information retention.

Because of these options, video solutions for online learning can be one of the most economically, technologically, and academically efficient ways to teach students. However, even though faculty and students integrate video in their teaching and learning strategies, schools should not invest and integrate a video solution blindly. Schools should create an online learning enablement plan and this is where a video integrator vendor can work with your team to create the most efficient for your deployment. They can provide valuable input to along with references to where they have deployed these types of solutions. Also, reach out to other schools as they have gone through the same challenges and struggles. This information will greatly help guide your school in the right direction and help you make the best solution choices.