The Advantages of Implementing A Clickshare Device


The tagline? Plug into simplicity – tap into amazing. Barco isn’t messing around with their word choices. A small device, about 2 inches wide and long can be your ticket around tangled messes of HDMI chords and roundabout conversations about how to make the computer display the screen of your presenter.

The operability isn’t one that’s hard to get your head around, even for the most technologically challenged. Simply connecting the button to your laptop/ computer via USB allows you the connectivity needed in order to display PowerPoints, reports, and any other information you might want your conference rooms to have access to. Not only are you able to connect to laptops and computers, but Barco also gives you the option to connect to tablets and smartphones as well. Android? iOS? Doesn’t matter, both are compatible. Both platforms are supported with the ClickShare App. Aside from this one downloadable, there’s no software to install and you can utilize both 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHz wireless bands.


There is also an array of groupings so that you, no matter what business, no matter how large the company, are ensured to find the most compatible option.