An Open Letter From CEO, Tracy Mills

In This Together

There really are no words to appropriately describe the uncertain times we find ourselves in. What gives us hope is to see the outpouring of compassion within our communities, the new inspirations and creativity, and more broadly, the global unity we have against an invisible foe. While many focus on case counts, and the more terrible death counts, it is the personal moments we share that are shaping our future. 

IDSolutions is a company rooted in communication and connecting people; doctors and patients; businesses and customers; coworkers and friends. For us, our success is defined by those we bring together. And we truly are in this together.

Prepared to Serve You

The IDSolutions team is filled with passionate and hardworking individuals. Rest assured, we remain fully functional and are committed to uninterrupted service to our customers. We have all learned this new term “social distancing” and the benefits it offers as the main combatant to COVID-19 and only too poignantly know that social distance relates to “physically distance,” yet the mind and soul should not be left “socially isolated.”

We’ve been profoundly humbled to see hospitals using MedSitter to provide patient care and observation while protecting clinicians. Hospitals are also leveraging our telehealth services in imaginative ways ranging from traditional video-enabled telehealth to video “intercoms” within a hospital to peek into infectious rooms. 

We are seeing our IDS FastTrack customers leverage video conferencing-as-a-service now more than ever. Whether it is a kindergarten class meeting to maintain a sense of normalcy or business colleagues continuing on. From company social hours to virtual exercise, church services and game nights — we are seeing it all. 

Partner and Persevere Together

What makes us most proud is to hear stories from our own staff on their increased closeness with family and friends during these times; the volunteerism when staff are enabling their nearby schools with free training and consulting, or our clinical staff selflessly helping out on frontline at local hospitals. People are the core to communication, and being together is how we will emerge a stronger world and society. 

During the coming days, we are called upon to lift one another up and to exhibit patience, understanding, and compassion. We pledge to remain passionately committed to you as our customers, our team members, and our communities. Let’s partner and persevere together.

Tracy Mills
CEO & President, IDSolutions