Why Businesses are Choosing Zoom over WebEx


As you probably already know, two of the most popular video conferencing software are Zoom and WebEx. At IDSolutions, we get asked “which is better?” all the time. There seems to be a lot of confusions about which one is the best fit for organizations.

At IDSolutions, we believe Zoom is one of the best online video communication and web conferencing tools. It provides consistent and great services like interactive video communication, webinars, meetings, Zoom Rooms etc. Zoom video conferencing is considered to be an ideal tool for any vertical including enterprise, education, healthcare and government as it provides an amazing experience. This software is engineered and optimized to provide the best user experience and is extremely reliable. The user interface is very intuitive and users find it very easy to use. It is also one of the most affordable software solutions for hosting online video meetings and provides a WebEx replacement.  Zoom pricing is very competitive and affordable for the seamless service it provides.

Below you can find additional solution details to help you determine why Zoom may be the fit and solution for your organization.

User- Friendly

WebEx UI for occasional / new users is challenging. 1 min to get into a meeting. 2 downloads (extension & client). Third party software review sites confirm end users find Zoom much easier to use. Zoom provides one touch feature to join or start a video conference and meeting. It even provides similar features across all the devices. Thus Zoom caters to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture allowing every user to  enjoy all the features.

Video Participant View

With Zoom you can see 100 concurrent video participants on PC/MA C and up to 500 video feeds in one call. WebEx can only show 7 participants view on PC/MAC.

Required Infrastructure

When it comes to ease of connection and use, Zoom is much more efficient and easier than WebEx. You only need Video Conference Codec and Cloud Connector account to connect with your Zoom web conferencing. But in WebEx, you will need video conference codex, VCS Control and Expressway, MCU, TMS or Telepresence Management Suite, Smartnet and WebEx paid account.

Video Quality Matters

May it be on your smartphone; tablet or desktop you can experience a superior video quality with Zoom. You will know the results after testing with WebEx. Zoom has been optimized so that even if meeting participants are in China or India they will have as high of quality as US based participants.

Break-Out Sessions

Break-out sessions are available in Zoom and not in WebEx.


WebEx has the minimum capacity of accommodating 8 persons at a time whereas Zoom has the capacity to accommodate almost 100 persons at a time in the web conference or video conferencing.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom can run as a full-featured video conference room system with one-click iPad controls, calendar integration, dual screen support, far end camera control, ability to share dual cameras, room-to-room/contact calling, wireless presentation including iPhone/iPad screen share and telephone dial-in and dial-out. WebEx does not have a conference room solution.

Better Screen Sharing

Zoom is the only solution to support sharing computer audio during screen sharing. WebEx can only share screen but not with computer audio. Zoom lets you screen share iPhone/iPad screen from Windows and Mac via Airplay. Webex does not support Airplay. Zoom is optimized to share video content, providing higher frames per second. Try screen sharing a YouTube video on Webex and Zoom, you’ll see the difference.

H.323/SIP Endpoint Call-in and Call-out:

Zoom allows H.323/SIP endpoints to call-in to the meeting as we ll as calling-out to H.323/SIP endpoints. WebEx does support H.323/SIP call-in but not call-out unless it’s previously scheduled. The H.323/SIP call-ins is not scalable, the video and screen sharing quality is also poor.

Meeting Follow-Up

In any businesses and enterprises, one of the most important factors is the meeting follow up. With the help of this, the participants can see the recording of the previous meeting and also play them back when they want to view them again. One of the most important features that Zoom provides is the Participant reporting ability allowing you to check who reported at that meeting. This feature is not available in WebEx.

Linux Client

Zoom support computers running Linux operating system with the full Zoom feature set. WebEx supports Linux with limited features, like one-way video for Linux users, local recording is not available and no WebEx productivity tools are available.

REST API and Mobile SDK

Zoom platform offers both the REST API and mobile SDK. WebEx only supports the REST API and no mobile SDK.

Cloud and On Premise Deployment

Zoom offers cloud-based or local on-premise deployment providing greater privacy and traffic controls. The WebEx on premise solution is end of life.

Virtual Backgrounds

Zoom allows every user to create a virtual background that helps people represent their company professionally, wherever they may be.


On Zoom you can enable watermarks and waiting rooms for added security. Webex is unable to do either of those features.

Recording Meetings

Zoom creates automatic meeting transcripts when you record a meeting. Webex does not. Zoom offers recording in standards MP4 format. WebEx has its own proprietary recording format that is used for most of their meeting types and make it difficult to share or edit.

Skype for Business Plugin

Zoom offers a simple plugin to integrate with Skype for Business . WebEx requires a very complex workaround.

One platform for simplicity

Zoom offers a built in IM. WebEx does not. Zoom consolidates features for SIP calling integration, meetings, training and remote support into one service. You won’t have to buy separate products to get breakout rooms, remote support etc. Webex has different products and different prices for each use case.

Seasoned UC Leadership

Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, was the heart and soul of the WebEx product from 1997 to 2011. Eric proudly grew the WebEx team from 10 engineers to more than 800 worldwide, and contributed to revenue growth with $0 to more than $800M. Eric is a named inventor on the 10 issued and 21 pending patents in real time collaboration.


WebEx prices are generally higher than Zoom. Contact us at anytime for pricing.

Expanding your audience to Facebook and Youtube

Zoom Webinar has Facebook and Youtube integration that enable you to stream live to an unlimited audience. You can also stream to any RTMP supporting streaming solution.