Clear Away Boardroom Clutter: Ceiling Microphones


Perhaps today’s meeting revolves around the new implementation of boardroom legislature. Perhaps it’s a roundtable discussion on new policy. Perhaps it’s as simple as workflow organization. Whatever your conference room needs might be, one thing is standard; the work space you have to utilize is a precious thing. Of course, with all of the agenda paperwork, laptops, and good old fashioned notebooks microphones can end up getting in the way. Not only do they take up valuable tabletop real estate, but the bumps and shifts of you and your colleagues can create disruptive noise. This one thing that you had purchased to make your life easier ends up becoming an issue.

Of course there are systems which mute microphones and hand over the control to a key personnel. There are also microphones which have low profiles, thin profiles, and mounting capabilities. But one option which forgoes all of the previously mentioned issues is a ceiling microphone.

You might imagine a ceiling mic to be an ugly addition to a room, perhaps a long spindly leg protruding from the ceiling tiles. But there are options which don’t look like Halloween décor.

For example, the Shure MXA910 is a ceiling array mic which is developed to blend seamlessly into your preexisting ceiling tiles. It looks much like a vent and is engineered to keep background noise out of your speakers. Within the innocuous panel are lobes which follow voices around its listening area, ensuring the amplification of a speaking party. And there’s no reason to be nervous about echoing, confusing interfaces, or complicated configurations as Shure has provided easily accessible solutions for all of those issues within its one product.