Video in the classroom

Help jump start collaboration and watch creativity soar.  If a picture is worth a thousand words just imagine the power of video!



Imagine a cloud-based video collaboration service that supports multiple devices, operates over the world’s most dependable network and is fully managed by a Top 50 national integrator.

Welcome to Flame video collaboration service. A flame (from Latin flamma) is the visible, gaseous part of a fire that is bright and powerful, a force that has changed history over the years. Our Internet2 NET+ Flame offering also has the ability to change history within education; change in the way we communicate, collaborate and engage one another on a daily basis. It's a breakthrough in video conferencing technology that provides a high quality distance learning experience with minimal training and allows participants to join from any desktop, laptop, mobile device or smart phone. Flame is simple to use, cloud-based and allows seamless video conferencing interaction and data sharing with fellow faculty, students, researchers and guests around the globe.


When the cloud isn’t a possible option, a hardware based solution on premise can provide the same level of functionality and additional layer of control. This type of deployment is more traditional, where video communication gear is located within an on-premise equipment rack, typically in a climate controlled computer room with local and wide area network access. An on-premise solution can be managed by your local IT staff or IDSolutions can provide remote management which includes software updates/patches, upgrades and help desk support. Traditional benefits of an on-premise solution include:

  • Greater control over system access
  • Flexibility in customization
  • Internally handled storage of data
  • Leveraging existing rack space and/or network
  • Higher initial capital investment that may pay off over the long term

While there are several benefits, there are also other considerations:

  • Lack of personnel resources to build an infrastructure
  • On-going software licensing, equipment warranty and maintenance costs
  • Expertise in supporting video communication systems
  • Up-front capital equipment costs might be prohibitive (be sure to include redundancy)

Vidyo for Canvas Integration

The IDSolutions software development team has integrated Vidyo video conferencing into Canvas LMS to improve the workflow.

Kubi from Revolve Robotics

Kubi is one of the newest offerings from IDSolutions and is changing the way we leverage iPads in the classroom for interactive video applications. Customers are using Kubi to build distance learning classrooms, evaluate instructors, reach home bound students and more.

RUS Grant Assistance Program

Learn how our RUS grant assistance program can help to get you funding for your Distance Learning or Telehealth application.

E-Rate Program

If your school participates in the  E-Rate program, look at the Discover Video caching server, an eligible Category 2 device for content delivery.




Flipped Classroom

The use of video allows lessons to be viewed at home while homework is completed in the classroom

Classroom Lecture Capture

Today’s students want the flexibility of learning at their own pace making on-demand playback a must-have

Expert Instruction

Distance learning solutions have evolved with greater scalability, reduced costs and higher video quality

Digital Signage

Turn ordinary monitors and screen savers into informational kiosks to deliver news, weather, events and more

Virtual Field Trips

Schools no longer have to rely on physical transportation to move students from the classroom to sites of interest like museums, parks, theaters, aquariums and other educational sites. This greatly reduces liability, on-site chaperones and reduces costs.

Video Studying

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Repetition and retention is a time-tested methodology for learning and video takes the concept to new heights across every grade level.

Personalized Learning

Teachers can reach students more easily through personalized curriculum development and delivery. This also integrates nicely with the flipped classroom delivery approach.

Morning Announcements

Engaging students in current events is an excellent use of distance learning technology and allows hands-on participation while they help to share current events with the fellow classmates. Instructors can even create teams of student news reporters and hold a “Best Newscast” competition throughout the year.

On-Demand Asset Broadcasting

The ability to access a wide selection of content gives teachers the ability to adapt to a classroom’s learning pace by displaying reinforcement material on-demand. Material can be in-house assets, self-created or 3rd party purchased.

Live Event Broadcasts

Urgent announcements no longer have to be audio only over the PA system. Staff and guest speakers can address an entire school with a live presentation without disrupting the flow of the classroom.

Asset Conversion and Media Management

Media management systems can turn an unorganized collection of VCR tapes, DVDs and misplaced files into an information powerhouse. Assets can be viewed anywhere, anytime and on a multitude of player devices.

TV Distribution to Classrooms

Bringing important live events into the classroom is an important ADL element made simple with streaming technology. TV channels can be sent to a projector and even recorded for later on-demand playback or incorporation into classroom curriculum.

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

Instructors can teach virtual courses on a very large scale with the ability to share traditional course materials such as filmed lectures, readings, other web resources and more.

Open Office Hours

Professors and instructors can set open hours to make themselves available virtually to meet with students on a regular basis. Hours and a link to their virtual room can be added to the LMS.

Team Collaboration

Students can engage with one another virtually to collaborate on assignments. The can share data, white board, chat and even record the session if required as part of their assignment. A student directory can be added to the LMS to simplify calling.

Webcasting Special Events

Special live events such as graduations, sporting and class plays can be delivered to mass audiences (or simply extended family) through the use of streaming video.


“There are so many different ways to use this system. We are coming up with new ways to serve our students through distance learning every day”.
Les Turner, Director of IT for NIESC
"IDSolutions provides NJEDge with a feature-rich and user-friendly video conferencing solution is optimized for use on our regional network platform. It offers an attractive entry point for the partnership and a manageable scaling schedule that enables NJEDge to grow the service in a manner that is commensurate with the evolving demand among our connected members”.
Ed Chapel, Senior VP for NJEdge
"IDSolutions is a company I would recommend when looking for a partner, not just a vendor, in providing collaborative conferencing solutions for your business, organization, or Institution. Their team of experts is knowledgeable and meticulous in dealing with and resolving technical issues and provide thoughtful guidance on the operation of our conferencing system. IDS has gone the extra mile for us and is committed to providing a sound, stable, expandable solution for our diverse campus & community."
Brenda Rockswold, Library and Information Technology Services, Emory University
“The service has relived me of the burden of having to be the guy doing third tier tech support.  Now with IDS flame, we have a crew of support who handles the updates on a Friday night 9pm. And I don’t need to be onsite at that hour.  It’s really nice to have someone who knows everything and just take care of all of it all. ”
Seth Levine, ASU Manager for Video Conferencing and Collaboration


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