Emory University: Connecting Medicine, Critical Preparedness and More with Cloud Video

Video communications have always been a helpful technology for connecting individuals to improve collaboration, reduce travel and enhance learning. Take a quick look around the marketplace today and you’ll find multiple solutions to fit every need, application and budget.

In today’s educational market, a cloud-based video conferencing service can really help to stretch limited resources and precious dollars.

In this recent webinar, Emory presented how they have increased adoption nearly five-fold through simplified system access, user training and an expansion of use cases in just a couple of years.

The webinar showcased a dozen video-based applications like:

  • Wounded Warrior outreach—delivering much needed services to veterans around the world through video conferencing;
  • The Office of Critical Event and Preparedness—using the Flame solution to improve communication with local and EMS officials in the event of a disaster;
  • And, many more impactful cases that are extending reach, care, and access.

As with any technology, adoption relies on simplifying user access. Emory has removed several roadblocks to spur adoption—like integrating SAML for easier and secure user authentication, being an important one.

All of the applications Emory presented ride over the Flame service offered by IDSolutions as part of the Internet2 NET+ program.

Built on Vidyo technology, the service offers key integrations and secure access over the high speed Internet2 backbone in a convenient cloud-based offering.

The service is maintained and managed by IDSolutions, allowing for quick turn-up and a focus on the applications rather than solution support.

The NET+ program allows users to select solutions that have already been vetted by the Internet2 community for ease of use, functionality, stability and security.

To learn more, tune into a replay of the webinar.