How do you encourage collaboration in the workplace?


Answer: Huddle Rooms


Huddle Rooms are on the rise
Organizations are embracing an open floor plan concept as businesses see the benefits of a collaborative work environment. As a result, the huddle room is taking a front seat. The huddle room, or huddle space, is intended to encourage visual collaboration in the workplace. Companies are taking into account the fact that not all participants may be physically present, prompting changes to the space and technology. To meet this new demand, A/V innovators are equipping huddle rooms with cost-effective and cutting edge technology.


For companies who are considering deploying more agile huddle spaces, there are numerous audio visual and video conferencing technology options – deciding the right technology fit can only be determined having evaluated user behavior and by putting people at the center of solution design.






Why are companies trending towards huddle rooms or huddle spaces?

The company office plays a significant role in shaping its personality and culture. Video communications and audio visual equipment can influence productivity and the flexible workspace can encourage interaction, foster innovation and drive growth. Workplace design trends are shifting towards activity-based workspaces and the huddle room, equipped with AV technology, has now become part of office culture.

While smaller collaborative spaces for project meetings and brainstorming sessions for groups of two to four people will not replace the need for conference rooms, huddle rooms are needed to augment meeting rooms. This allows companies to be able to fully utilize conference rooms for large meetings, presentations and group videoconferencing.

The huddle space should be designed to encourage and promote productive collaboration and teamwork. It should include basic audio visual technology to be a useful space. There are many presentation systems and display solutions available – it’s important to deploy a solution that supports a variety of mobile devices. Huddle rooms are designed to operate with BYOD (bring your own device) – it should be easy for a user to use their own laptop or tablet and easily share content as well as visually collaborate with remote participants anywhere. With the number of people choosing to embrace the BYOD (bring your own device) way of working, the huddle space has obvious appeal.

Traditionally, a huddle room can accommodate 2-6 people, however, by equipping them with the latest video technologies, the number of participants can be virtually limitless. Complete with native Skype for Business integration, the latest solutions from brands such as Polycom allows users to easily dial into calls from a single device. Equipped with high definition video, 360-degree sound and noise cancelling technology to remove background disruption-these solutions provide the highest level of quality and are cost-effective, optimizing the growing trend of huddle rooms thus getting rid of geographical boundaries.

The past decade has seen dramatic advances, allowing the workplace to grow more connected, collaborative and flexible. Businesses are operating smarter leaving us to rethink how we collaborate in the workplace.