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With IDS trials are risk free and never require a credit card or commitment.  All we ask is that you give an honest test ride and provide us with the good, bad and (hopefully not) ugly feedback at the end.  We have designed our services to help make your life more productive so go ahead, you really have nothing to lose!

Summary Sheets

IDVideoPhone Overview

Flame Overview

IDStreamCast Overview

IDVIDEOPHONE: Are you looking to participate in face to face meetings using nothing more than a laptop and webcam? Using leading edge SVC technology from Vidyo, our IDVideoPhone service provides all the convenience of high definition video conferencing and collaboration but without any investment in the required infrastructure. Start your risk-free 14 day trial with just your name and email address.
FLAME: It's a breakthrough in video conferencing technology that provides a high quality distance learning experience that requires minimal training and allows participants to join from any desktop, laptop, mobile device or smart phone. Flame is simple to use, cloud-based and allows seamless video conferencing interaction and data sharing with fellow faculty, students, researchers and guests around the globe. Start your risk-free 30 day trial by clicking on the Get Started button.
IDSTREAMCAST: When it comes time to start your webcast, how confident will you be with the delivery network? You may have the best audio, video and webcast equipment but it’s your delivery network that ultimately delivers your content. If you want the most reliable delivery in the market today, turn to our IDStreamCast service  for a dependable, reliable and cost effective solution. Start your risk-free 30 day trial by contacting an Account Executive.
LIFESIZE CLOUD: Lifesize Cloud is a great way for your entire organization to connect over video when you need to get business done. It features an easy-to-use interface, screen sharing, calendar integration, chat and audio-calling options. When connected to a Lifesize Icon video conferencing system, you get a more integrated experience in your conference rooms


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