Is your government agency leveraging advances in visual communications to implement Virtual Town Hall Meetings, Telejustice and Emergency Operations?

If not, you are missing out on opportunities to improve communication, reduce travel and increase security while saving money.



Is a cloud solution right for you? It seems the whole industry is headed towards cloud solutions these days and for good reasons. CAPEX purchases often require significant cash outlays and can lock you into hardware that is changing rapidly. An OPEX purchase protects you from technology obsolescence and removes much of the day to day management burden. Video communication solutions are powerful yet complex and often require expertise beyond the capabilities of the organizations in-house IT staff. They also require the highest degree of security and reliability available. At IDSolutions we eliminate the need for in-house video experts by providing a secure, turn-key cloud solution that is managed, configured and maintained by some of the most training video engineers in the industry today.


If you have an in-house IT staff that is comfortable with video technology, or when the cloud isn’t a possible option, a hardware based solution

on premise can provide the same level of functionality with an additional layer of control. This type of deployment is more traditional, where video communication gear is located within an on-premise equipment rack, typically in a climate controlled computer room with local and wide area network access. An on-premise solution can be managed by your local IT staff or IDSolutions can provide remote management which includes software updates/patches, upgrades and help desk support. Traditional benefits of an on-premise solution include:

a. Greater control over system access

b. Flexibility in customization

c. Internally handled storage of data

d. Leveraging existing rack space and/or network

e. Higher initial capital investment that may pay off over the long term

While there are several benefits, there are also other considerations:

  • Lack of personnel resources to build an infrastructure
  • On-going software licensing, equipment warranty and maintenance costs
  • Expertise in supporting video communication systems
  • Up-front capital equipment costs might be prohibitive (be sure to include redundancy)



Justice Departments can leverage high definition video conferencing during trials to reduce costs and ensure citizen safety. By utilizing video conferencing, individuals can remain in maximum security during their trial while still being able to actively participate in the courtroom.

Town Hall Meetings

Keeping residents informed of important local, state and federal topics is more critical than ever. A video streaming solution can help to do just that by delivering high quality audio and video directly to desktop, laptops, mobile and smart devices.

Emergency Operations

Public safety depends on Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff who can monitor respond to any emergency situation in realtime. Managers in EOCs need clear, useable information and high definition video can make the difference between a quickly resolved incident and public disaster.

Compliance and Training

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? The use of live and on-demand video in the creation of training material can help to increase comprehension while providing a mechanism that supports repetition and retention. Important viewer metrics and online testing can also be captured to help record proof of compliance.

PEG Broadcast

AT&T is committed to carrying Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) programming over its AT&T U-verse TV service. Because AT&T’s U-verse service is based on IP, AT&T uses IP streaming capability to deliver PEG channels.


“Our municipality loves the ability to have our town hall meetings broadcast over the ATT UVerse PEG channel. It gives the community the ability to view these meetings and stay informed right from their homes and anywhere they have an ATT UVerse connection.”
Mary Jane D’Herde Communications Director City of St. Clair Shores
“We are learning a lot more about how we can benefit from using this technology, reaching far beyond what we originally hoped”
Matt Shirk, Public Defender, Florida Fourth Circuit Public Defenders Office


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