IDSolutions: Flexible Solutions for the Wary



Say you and your company are running on legacy hardware. It is cumbersome, hard to support, and runs so slowly it might as well be working backwards. In these situations it’s easy to identify that a change is needed. In order to produce a working environment that is efficient as well as bringing in as much revenue as possible, communication is key. However, a full-blown commercial solution is a frightening enterprise. The price tags can cause shock, the vast array of technological options can be dizzying, and it can be difficult to find a provider you feel isn’t out to pull the wool over your eyes.


Luckily, with the solutions IDSolutions offers, we can start small and grow from there. A great majority of our clientele like to begin with a single conference room. This gives them the opportunity to test the new technology on their user base, grow a relationship with their sales person, and feel safe in the knowledge that they are backed by our well-trained customer services personnel. It doesn’t hurt that this way of easing yourself into new waters can be paid for incrementally, allowing you to skirt around large price concerns. This also allows you to make the decision to add conference rooms and technical infrastructure gradually, on a year to year basis, lowering the overall cost your company may have taken on by jumping head first into new VTC solutions.


Not only do we offer these incremental services with hardware but we also take this approach to our cloud based VTC services. At first, you might only want 5-10 licenses. These licenses will also come with guest links so that others within your organization can also try the service. This can be implemented as a top-down approach; with CEOs and supervisors gaining access to the new video teleconferencing capabilities, or perhaps as a way to seamlessly integrate our offerings into a call center of yours.


No matter what budget you might be working with, it pays to collaborate with our team. We will always take an empathetic approach to your needs so that we can work together to create your best solution.