The Importance of a Network Operations Center / Help Desk Support


A VAR or Value Added Reseller typically has a NOC or Network Operations Center as part of the post-implementation support. A NOC is a key part of the full solution and assists in ensuring a customer’s equipment is properly configured and is operating at its maximum efficiency and uptime. A NOC should start with knowledgeable technicians and engineers that are industry certified for training, good with people, detail oriented, organized, and able to think quickly on their feet. When a customer has an issue often they are facing a pending meeting where nothing is working and the boss is about to walk in. A good NOC and helpdesk—while never able to totally eliminate those types of calls, can work with the customer to provide proactive software updates and upgrades along with test calls to ensure connectivity and proper configuration. A good NOC will have a trouble-ticketing system that tracks open issues through the resolution process to ensure timely action a follow-ups towards ticket closure.

This process ensures that a customer’s investment is protected and well understood through ensuring maximum system up-time and through prompt issue resolution. Time is money and increased system uptime ensures more productive meetings and provides for a better ROI. Increased uptime further drives user adoption and utilization rates further increasing the ROI and most importantly assisting in the end user experience. After all a system that is properly configured and easy to understand is the most important thing for productive meetings.