Kubi by Revolve Robotics


Revolve Robotics was a San Francisco based partner that invented the Kubi robot. As of May 1st 2017 they have stopped taking orders however IDSolutions has partnered with the Kubi manufacturer and can accept new orders.

We also sell both Vidyo and Zoom subscriptions that work with the Kubi. These subscriptions include the license that allows remote participants to control the Pan/Tilt function of the Kubi.

If you have a Zoom or Vidyo subscription from another provider, IDSolutions provides an annual Kubi control license for $99/year.





Kubi makes remote education simpler and more engaging for classes, teachers and students. The Kubi Telepresence robot has a variety of K-12 and Higher Education applications in the classroom. In K-12, popular applications include home bound and remote teaching as well as observations and interventions. In HE, a hybrid/blended learning environment is a perfect fit for a Kubi. Some applications are a fit for both environments, such as a Kubi robotic cart help to keep a student engaged in classroom activities even when they can’t be physically in the classroom. A Kubi is also a great tool in professional assessment environments when physical presence is a distraction or not possible.





Kubi in the classroom


A Kubi is great for connecting students to classrooms and teachers across long distances.

Click on the image to check out how  a home bound student from Round Rock, Texas who is in Philadelphia for a medical treatment is able to be present in class and interact with her fellow students and teacher.





Early Intervention


The Kubi can provide full camera control for professionals such as early intervention psychologists so that they can move around a setting in a more natural manner.

Click on the image to see how Kubi is being used by professionals at Akron Children’s Hospital and Drexel University.





Michigan State

Kubi is also very useful in a hybrid learning environment where a mix of traditional and distance students must co-exist. Distance learning has been a popular use of video conferencing technology, however a personal connection between the students and teacher is often lost.

Click on the image to see how one school is using Kubi to bring together their student base into a common classroom and foster that strong personal connection.





UCB Hybrid Learning Class
UCB Hybrid Learning Class


The University of Colorado is using Kubi for a hybrid learning class to improve retention and graduation for seniors that were previously leaving the University without their degrees due to difficulties with foreign language classes.

Click on the image to see how Kubi is helping them achieve their goals in the classroom.




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