John Hess

Vice President of Operations

John brings over 35 years business experience in the communications industry with an emphasis on Operations and Logistics. Prior to IDSolutions John worked as a technical sales support manager and spent several years working with The State of Indiana’s implementation of Video Distance Learning (Opportunity Indiana and Project Athena). He was one of Ameritech/SBC’s representative working with Government/Private cooperative focused on developing an efficient and cost effective infrastructure to bring Distance Learning to K-12. John retired from Ameritech/SBC in November of 2000.

As VP Operations, at IDSolutions John oversees all of the logistical operations of the company including Project Management, Procurement, Inventory and Vendor Relations.

John started his career as a member of the United States Army Signal Corps, serving in Vietnam. John has a B.S in Business Management and an M.B.A. from Indiana University. In his spare time he enjoys quality time with his wife, Jenny, loves to travel, collect Antique American Silver and make Jewelry.