Why Lecture Capture Plays An Important Role in Education

Why is Lecture Capture significant?

Lecture capture is a fantastic way to enhance and extend existing instructional activities, whether in face-to-face, fully online, or blended learning environments. It works especially well in subject areas where students benefit from repeated viewing of content, repetition equals retention, as when complex information is discussed or formulas are written on a board. The video-on-demand portion of lecture capture allows students to closely examine the steps of a demonstrated procedure or stop and focus on important actions in a science experiment. Lecture capture may enable freer thinking—students who find themselves struck by a particular comment or point can pursue that line of thought, confident that the lecture itself can be reviewed later. It also provides teachers the ability to insert questions into the recorded content to get feedback on whether the students are comprehending the viewed content.

Some are concerned that students may cut classes in favor of viewing captured lectures. Yet, from the advent of the cassette tape through the podcast, students have found that recordings take as much time to absorb as a live lecture. Students miss out on the opportunities for question-and-answer or interaction with their classmates though they can meet up with classmates for group viewing and even meet on video to discuss the content. Moreover, instructors might add group activities during in-class times to supplement the lecture material held in archives from previous years. Recorded lectures might offer a new library of information resources and trigger changes in archiving and accessing data and new citation practices. They also offer many advantages for interdisciplinary programs—a biology professor, for example, might show recorded lectures from colleagues in the physics or chemistry departments as part of the biology curriculum.

All around, Lecture Capture offers many great benefits for both students and teachers alike.