Leveraging Existing Workflows To Extend Your Telemedicine Reach

As telemedicine becomes commonplace in Healthcare systems across the U.S. we are seeing a growth in ancillary systems that seamlessly integrate telehealth workflows. The days of requiring numerous programs to accommodate a telemedicine patient will soon be obsolete. Modernization’s in translation services, in-band audio and EMR integrations give the physician easy access to the tools and data needed for exceptional care.


Choosing a flexible videoconferencing engine to run your telehealth vehicle should be the most important decision in building your platform. User Interfaces with effortless navigation while providing the collaboration tools needed for a successful visit is paramount. Researching videoconferencing integrations like In-Demand Interpreting, ThinkLabs Stethoscopes and EPIC EMR, you will quickly find that Vidyo is the prevailing choice for top health systems.


EPIC is arguably the largest EMR in the market and in late 2015 launched a videoconferencing integration exclusively with Vidyo. A provider logs into their hyperspace client and can meet with a patient with a single click. A patient meets that provider through their existing  MyChart Mobile credentials. This integration gives the provider quick and easy access to the patient’s medical records while having a face to face consult that saves the patient time and travel expense. As the integration matures, be on the lookout for In-band audio with ThinkLabs stethoscopes and immediate translation services available from In-Demand.

IDSolutions is a boutique implementer of Vidyo enabled EPIC, with more successful installations than any vendor In the U.S.. We will help you reduce readmission’s and enable clinical scale while improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

“Being able to deliver and receive care from anywhere is significant”

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