Life Happens

Life Happens


To quote the infamous Forrest Gump, “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”  I know I can relate, can you?

Life happens, so does work and I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.  That last minute phone call/text about a meeting, or project.  The reminder from one of your calendar devices about a meeting you forgot about.  It happens to everyone, every day, how you deal with both of these happenings will set the tone for your day, week, month, year, and LIFE.

My solution for “Life Happens” is Time Management.  If you live your life, (work and personal) by your calendar you should always be looking at ways to become as efficient as possible.  Multitasking for instance can create holes in your calendar to give you that extra moment in time to breath and access.

Let’s explore finding that extra minute or more throughout the day.  Do you block time on your calendar to check email, return phone calls, check messages, Etc.?  Just add these to your daily and weekly calendar with a recurrence daily.  Now all of a sudden you have extra time that someone won’t be able to schedule without giving you the option to accept, or offer an alternate time and date option.  If you have already completed the tasks that you set a reminder for, you instantly have breathing room in your day.  Just this simple task could create holes in your schedule to perform and accomplish those last minute life happens tasks.

Grouping calendar events or tasks is another way to create time in your day of life happens.  Let’s face it we all multitask.  Yes true there are things that you do that provide your undivided attention, but there are just as many that you can perform at the same time.  Is this system perfect or without fault, of course not.  But it may just give you the breather you need to regroup before the next undivided attention task comes up.

Maybe some of the messages or emails you need to return are in regards to the same subject.  Now you have the option to include multiple respondents in your response and say what you have to say once.  Staying connected or accessible with all of our forms of communications is a good and a bad thing.  Being too accessible gives people a chance to capitalize on your time all the time as opposed to at your discretion.

I’m not proposing ignoring calls and/or emails, I am just saying prioritize them and respond to NON-URGENT communications on your time, so you can make sure you complete the mission critical tasks as required.


My last blog “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE WORKFLOW” works hand in hand with Life happens, if you haven’t read it go check it out.  If you can achieve communication efficiency in your workplace, Life Happens is much easier to deal with.  There is still going to be times when Life Happens takes you out of your element and destroys your day or schedule, but let that be the exception not the rule!