Making Resolutions – a 2017 work guide


With 2016 drawing to a close, we use the last few ounces of the year to reflect on things we wish we had done differently. And while a lot of our resolutions might revolve around our conduct outside of work, here are some to consider implementing in your work-life for the upcoming year.


Get Challenged:

There’s a fine line between stressed and challenged, but allowing a bit of challenge in your day to day operations allows for growth. Take some time to consider what responsibilities might allow you to be challenged in a way befitting your talents. Perhaps you’d like to learn a bit more about sales, or about marketing. Either way, think about what might make you a bit happier, a bit more engaged.


Manage Yourself:

While, yes, your manager is there to provide guidance, you also might consider the benefit of guiding yourself. Take initiative in executing tasks instead of being told to do so. And if there are disconnects between what you’re currently taking on and what it is that your manager intends for you to be doing, address it. This will show that you’re competent, you’re willing to go the extra mile instead of only doing the bare minimum. (see get challenged)


Communicate, communicate, communicate

Rephrase what you’ve heard, make sure you’re understanding it correctly. Reach out to resources preemptively. Collaborate, ask for advice when tackling a project. Express appreciation for the aid your colleagues offer. Not being willing to communicate is easy, but it also ensures a more tension-filled environment.


Adopt a positive outlook

No, this isn’t just for your boss’ sake, your work partners’ sake, or corporate propaganda. Approaching the day with calm and positivity can make things easier for you. People are much more willing to cooperate when they feel like the person talking with them is coming from even grounding. It lessens your own stress and, in turn, will lessen the tension of others.


Create a Plan

Resolutions are a wonderful way to self-evaluate, but they will ultimately come to nothing if you don’t formulate a plan. Consider all of the ways you might practice the resolutions you make. Think about the small changes you will need to make throughout each day in order to adopt a more positive, more fulfilling career.