Managed Video Services help you Overcome Video Conferencing Frustrations


Managing communication and collaboration solutions requires expertise, commitment and a skilled team. As a result, management of audio visual and video conferencing solutions can drag down your team – especially IT departments. With managed video services, shift the responsibility of managing your video and A/V solutions to us. We ensure your collaboration environments are high-quality, consistent and proactively serviced, relieving your team of the stresses associated with barriers such as dropped calls, unproductive meetings and troubleshooting. Our managed services portfolio includes:

  • Managed Video Services for Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Quality Monitoring and Alerts
  • Help Desk Services and Troubleshooting
  • Onsite Staffing for Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Operations
  • Audio and Video Integration and Engineering Design
  • Video Conferencing Design and Installation
  • Proactive and Break-fix Maintenance Management
Keep Video and A/V Assets Healthy

Video endpoint and audio visual management services should include a remote software tools that proactively monitors the health of every single one of your video conferencing and A/V assets.

Audio Visual and Video Endpoint Management Services:

  • Integrated A/V room systems management, monitoring and alerts
  • Video endpoint management, monitoring and alerts
  • IP video quality monitoring and alerts
  • Help Desk services and troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Third Party Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) Management Services:

  • MCU management
  • Manual call launching
  • Remote MCU support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Call scheduling
  • Enhance communication and collaboration for your organization
  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating headcount for infrastructure support
  • Repurpose IT headcount for new, strategic initiatives
  • Expand user reach and drive productivity
  • Eliminate excessive capex from infrastructure hardware investments
  • Experience quick returns on video and A/V investments.