Medsitter Patient Observation Solution


Top 4 Reasons Why CNOs are Choosing MedSitter Web Edition


A million patient falls happen every year in US hospitals and the current solution to reduce those falls involves physically placing observers in high risk patient rooms. MedSitter Web Edition is a software approach to assist hospitals in reducing their costs when it comes to sitter programs while still maintaining accuracy in incident recognition.  MedSitter seeks to offer tools to assist in focus, engagement, and detection of incidents thus saving money and improving or maintaining incident recognition over time.


Here are the top 4 key features that have CNOs choosing MedSitter as their sitter program:


  1. Two-way audio and video engagement. Two way audio and video allows the sitter to engage with the patient as if they were in the room with them.  This is unique to other products on the market as they only provide one way video.


  1. Up to 8-to-1 patient to sitter ratio. It can be costly to employ a person so just sit in a patient room to look after them.  Improving the workflow of a hospital can be cost-effective and helpful in conserving nursing time for direct patient care.


  1. Far end camera control. All units feature a pan, tilt and zoom camera.  The camera can pan around the room and zoom in on fine details allowing the sitter to have a full room view within seconds.


  1. Real-time motion detection. MedSitter provides configuration-less motion detection to alert the sitter of any slight movement within the room.  This can give the sitter an indication that the situation may require intervention.


Not all falls are preventable, but Medsitter can potentially lower staffing requirements while reducing the number of falls and other serious injury.