MedSitter: The Modern Approach to Patient Observation


Over ONE MILLION patient falls happen every year in United States hospitals, and the current solution to reduce those falls commonly involves physically placing patient sitters (also referred to as patient safety observers, companions, and one-to-one or constant observers) in rooms to provide direct observation of patients at risk to harm themselves or others. All too often this means removing a CNA, RN, or LPN off the floor when their time may be better utilized elsewhere.

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Managing a nursing department budget is now more difficult than ever because of the explosion in 1:1 sitter use. The expense of executing a 1:1 sitter program is debilitating budgets, leaving fewer financial resources available to achieve overall strategic objectives.

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Generally, reimbursement from commercial and governmental payors do not provide additional payment for 1:1 care; therefore, the cost of delivering this service directly impacts the financial bottom line of healthcare organizations.

With patient safety in mind, IDSolutions designed MedSitter Web Edition to enable hospitals, long-term care facilities, and rehabilitation centers to significantly reduce fall rates and other preventable adverse events in healthcare. Patient sitters are also used in a variety of care settings including: patients who are in psychiatric crisis; those who have attempted suicide or with suicidal ideation; at risk for harming others; substance-abusing with behavioral problems; or experiencing delirium, confusion, or agitation.

With IDSolutions, hospitals now have a partner with 20 years of telehealth experience, to help implement an innovative virtual monitoring system. MedSitter is a simple and easy to deploy solution that delivers reduction of adverse and disruptive events, assists in preventing patient harm, protects staff from violent patients and visitors, and stops elopements. Additionally, nursing leaders can facilitate improved patient throughput in emergency room departments, enhanced patient and family satisfaction ratings, all while benefitting from an immediate return on investment.

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