Medsitter - Improving Patient Safety


MedSitter Streamlines Patient Safety Process

MedSitter was designed for Healthcare providers to streamline the process of patient safety using video conferencing technology while improving patient satisfaction and providing a significant cost savings. It replaces the traditional (physical) sitter outside of a patient room to ensure the patient doesn’t remove IV’s, fall out of bed or requires assistance. Scalable to hundreds of rooms across multiple monitoring stations, MedSitter is the most flexible solution for patient monitoring in the industry today.


MedSitter uses standards-based video conferencing technology to provide real-time interactive patient monitoring. This allows staff to quickly detect instances of distress through facial expressions and provide immediate assistance to patients.

The MedSitter Difference

While other systems leverage older video surveillance technology, MedSitter uses state of the art secure video conferencing technology. This allows the staff to communicate with patients from a central monitoring area, helping to prevent patient falls, dangerous wandering, IV disconnects and more. It is a cost effective alternative to one on one patient monitoring and can pay for itself within a year by reducing patient sitter staffing costs.


The MedSitter application leverages special video conferencing equipped carts in each of the patient’s rooms to provide an interactive interface between patient and the MedSitter operator (nurse) on call. The MedSitter operator will monitor and interact with the patients through the main MedSitter control interface. The MedSitter control interface uses a desktop PC system (called a Control Pod) to create a main patient monitoring room and can even create a separate room that can be used for private meetings or guest visits.


























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