Medsitter Web Edition - Superior Patient Observation

MedSitter Web Edition – The modern approach to patient observation

MedSitter Web Edition is a SaaS approach to patient sitting that was designed to bring scalability and consistency to patient observation programs.  It replaces the traditional 1-to-1 patient sitting model into a virtual engagement and observation solution that can reach hundreds of rooms across multiple monitoring stations while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction and significant cost savings. MedSitter is the most flexible solution for patient observation in the industry today.

The MedSitter Web Edition Difference

MedSitter Web Edition uses standards-based video technology to provide real-time interactive patient observation.  While observing up to 10 patient rooms from a central location, sitters utilize 2-way audio and video, real-time motion detection, and far end camera control to quickly detect instances of movement or distress and immediately interact with patients or deploy onsite help.   Other features include visual incident logging, patient privacy mode, staff alarms and the ability for virtual doctors visits plus so much more.

Our Focus on the Sitter

MedSitter Web Edition includes specific features to help the patient sitter maintain focus, engagement and detection of incidents.  Utilizing analytics and pattern recognition systems, MedSitter Web Edition can continually improve the sitter experience and effectiveness over time.

Using MedSitter Web Edition is Easy

MedSitter Web Edition deployments are designed for flexibility to meet your objectives. MedSitter, a web-based product, can interact with a variety of hardware configurations depending on your specific situation; whether you want to place a PC or tablet within the patient room, or would like to leverage carts or wall mounts, MedSitter can work for you.  The Sitter will monitor patients from a centralized “sitter station” using a desktop PC. Patients are grouped into observational units called “Pods”. During the course of their observation patients can even participate in a virtual visit encounter with a remote doctor or specialist.

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