Paradigm Shift with Today’s Video Conferencing Solutions

Paradigm Shift with today’s Video conferencing Solutions

Back in the Stone Age, way back in the 1990’s, I was deeply involved in Video Conferencing.  Do you remember yesteryear when connecting on SWITCH 56 was the thing to do prior to ISDN deployment?  Do you remember the ole days when you had to deploy a completely separate network to support video?  This application back then made the phone companies rich! All the options! Dedicated T1 Networks, channel banks, microwave, Etc.  Then ISDN gave birth to PRI, BRI.  A typical video call back then was 112k/128k.  If you wanted a higher video rate you installed a dedicated network with some level of a T1.  You want that higher speed with switched calls? IMUX enter stage left, ah the IMUX, (Inverse Multiplexer) now that is fun stuff. Ah the good ole days!

Fast forward, IP becomes mainstream and suddenly everyone has an Internet connection.  We move from this format, “(123) 456-7890” to this format, “”.  Included in a similar time frame was the paradigm shift to cellular technology, it’s no longer only for the rich and famous.

Our lives have changed.  Have you changed?  Have you shifted your paradigm to include technology? I’m sure you use the Internet, and I would bet you have a cell phone.  It can make life easier in most cases.  Have you entered the world of video yet?  Do you have a Video Conferencing solution?

What are some of the shifts you lived, I lived, we lived?  Then & Now:

Researching – a product, a person, an event, or a place.  We used Radio, TV, Newsprint, Library, Etc. Internet evolves – search the same things online from a shared computer (in a Library), or a home computer.   The computer, a ubiquitous device, the Internet, a ubiquitous place
Cell Phones are out of reach, mostly for the rich and famous Ubiquitous device – Almost everyone has one
Video Conferencing is a cumbersome initiative only for large corporations Now easly accessible to consumers on all levels
Buildings of brick/mortar, Trains, Planes, Automobiles Telecommuting or work remotely maybe from your home
We don’t have the budget for that technology Not only in cost reasonable with today’s cloud solutions, with telecommuting you don’t need a building to run a successful business.
We are out of office space. Collaborate with Video.  No need for more space.
Size of company is restricted, slow growth. Now the perceived size of your company – expand your presence to hundreds of offices scattered across the globe
Commuting, traffic, weather, environmental impact, lost time, lost productivity. Higher Efficiency in your day.
Can’t be in two places at once. Actually, you can.  Now you can be in several places at once without leaving the comfort of your office or home office

Today’s Paradigm shift with video is because of the ubiquitous device, now video is a reality; its no longer for just the rich and famous, the differences of video today and when I started in video with Fred Flintstone.

Video Conferencing Then Video Conferencing Now
Phone Call prior to video call, scheduling. No pre-call or scheduling needed
Move to the conference room Video at your desktop or mobile device
No rooms available on schedule No room needed
Who runs the Video Conferencing system anyway? Users do, no need to call IT
What if I do something wrong? You won’t!
Last minute meeting, where’s the room schedule, how am I going to connect? No separate schedules, last minute meeting no problem!  Connect from your desktop.


All if not most of these things are cured today because we already have the ubiquitous device we just need to Video Enable it with today’s Video Collaboration Solutions.

I know what you’re thinking. Easier said than done! That couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you can:

Check and read email?
Check and receive texts?
Plug in a USB Device, a mouse, keyboard, speaker, Etc.?

If you do any of these things in your day to day activities, you can be in a video call, on your ubiquitous device. Smart Phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, desktop, etc. It is that simple!

Today almost anyone and everyone can collaborate easily via video. There have been times I was in several states and even multiple countries in the same week. No need to get travel authorization just bring up a directory on your ubiquitous device and meet from a distance. Share ideas, share documents, present and speak to the world.

NO, it’s not free, but we’ll let you try it for free. It doesn’t break the bank either. The cost of entry is relative to the quality and functionality you desire or need.

Using video is part of now my daily routine. In fact, I couldn’t be happy without video collaboration it makes me more efficient with my time management and quality of life. I know everyone hates that cliché, but it’s how I function daily.

So, don’t be stuck in the Stone Age, don’t live with Fred and Barney in Bedrock.

Check out one of the greatest business tools in the world. Video Collaboration is not only for the rich and famous, or the large corporation, like cell phones years ago. You can do it, and you can do it today if you want.