Agency on Aging: Area 4

Who They Are
The Agency on Aging (AoA) Area 4 functions as a communal resource for older adults living in California. From their mission statement they envision a world where “every older adult in our region (has) options that assist them to live longer, live safely and live well in the environment of their choice.” Some of their services involve bringing awareness to elder abuse as well as diminishing the occurrence of such abuse. They listen and react to those who have complaints about long-term care facilities. Agency on Aging pride themselves on being a dependable resource for those of us aging out of the workforce and enjoying late life.

In order to facilitate meetings and have them completed more efficiently, AoA asked IDSolutions to provide a budget friendly solution that would also be user-friendly. They were looking for a more modern implementation of technology in their office environment as most of their hardware could be considered legacy. AoA’s largest concern was finding a solution that was budget friendly. IDSolutions was happy to comply.

IDSolutions’ sales engineers/ sales associates put together an upgrade build that involved new speakers, new displays, new projectors, new microphones as well as comprehensive maintenance support. In order to communicate as efficiently as possible, AoA chose our cloud based video solution. This kept cost of hardware implementation low, as well as providing a service that could accommodate their fiscal restraints.

AoA has continued to remain a happy IDSolutions customer. They frequently send requests to expand their solution. This build has allowed AoA to achieve all goals without the frustration of a larger more enterprise-based solution. The build tailored to their specific needs has served them well.  To learn more about the Agency on Aging visit their website: