California Veterans Affairs

California Department of Veterans Affairs is a statewide organization that works to lift quality of life for veterans and their families. The department is dedicated to helping service members and their families attain the state and federal benefits they have earned through their service. Of their goals, a few include promoting the utilization of available benefits afforded to veterans of every age and walk of life, helping to assimilate veterans into new employment opportunities, and offering/ providing long term care for their veterans.


There was a desire to overhaul the executive conference room as well as implement teleconferencing capabilities.


IDSolutions designed the room to include an AMX Hydraport within a preexisting table to allow connections for presentations. These presentations would also utilize two large displays at the front of the room. In addition, a Polycom unit was installed for teleconferencing applications. In order to allow for full functionality, Cal Vet houses a computer within the room. This was incorporated into the presentation system. In addition, a cable box was installed and allows for employees to keep up to date with current events from local news stations.


The executive conference room is now enjoyed by its user base. There was a consistent theme of excitement throughout the installation process and this regard continues into the present.