Communications Workers of America, District 6

District 6 supports CWA Locals in Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas.  Across this five-state area, 98 CWA Local Unions represent 64,000 workers. District 6 is a diversified group of members representing telecommunications, cable, print, publishing, manufacturing, public workers, health care, law enforcement, and workers in numerous other fields.

The CWA District 6 headquarters office is in Austin, Texas. Staff are located in Austin, Dallas, St. Louis, and Kansas City.


With such a large membership spread across so many types of workers there are issues with communicating effectively.  How do you keep constancy in delivering the CWA message to all of these diversified groups?  How do you effectively provide the support to each of the members so that each individual has an equal opportunity to grow in his or her organization or local?

The District 6 staff and Executive team needed to meet face to face regularly.  The members of each of the Locals needed to meet with the Staff and Executive team more often. The members of each of the Locals needed to meet with the other on a more regular basis, not just at large venue events where everyone gathered infrequently.


Use technology to meet the challenges of a large diverse organization that is geographically dispersed.  Their vision was to equip each of the District offices with a videoconferencing system.  Therefore creating a medium in which everyone from the Executive team, to the staff, and each of the members has the opportunity to conduct business and meet face to face without the high costs of travel, and the burden of time away from the office or their respective job functions.

The project started as a proof of concept between the headquarters offices in Austin and their St. Louis office.  One goal is to hold meetings via video and accomplish tasks that would have normally required travel to that office.  These meetings include grievance meetings to insure that issues are addressed immediately before severe action is required.


In partnership with AT&T, IDSolutions was asked to deploy high definition videoconference system across their offices with the goal of expanding the roll out to other District offices and eventually the Locals in each of the Districts.  These technologies and services allow the membership to reap the same benefits.

CWA accomplished their goal by partnering with IDSolutions and AT&T using our Global Presence services, thus allowing CWA to focus on their meeting content while AT&T and IDSolutions manage the technology.  The versatility of Global presence provided CWA with the ability to communicate with and incorporate other technologies such as streaming giving CWA access to even more members and partners across the country.