Simmons Bank

Simmons Bank takes advantage of Global Presence to support rapid growth

John Franklin Simmons opened the doors to Simmons National Bank in downtown Pine Bluff, Arkansas in 1903. Since then they have grown steadily, expanding their footprint across four states and over 150 locations.

As they approach 10 Billion in assets that growth continues through mergers and acquisitions thus increasing their geographic footprint.  Now more than ever they need to communicate at a distance, but they also needed a way to support all the geographic diversity.  As visionaries, Simmons realized this early on and chose to partner with IDSolutions and subscribe to Global Presence, our managed video service.

Global Presence is a powerful heterogeneous workflow solution.  Diverse communications devices and manufactures aren’t a problem because the service allows Simmons Bank to connect any device, anywhere, and at any time.

By using the Global Presence service, Simmons Bank outfitted locations with high definition video conferencing systems, leveraged the powerful video bridging service that included gatekeeper functionality and firewall traversal for communications with outside partners, and provided their staff with mobile video conferencing apps for their PC’s, phones, and tablets.  All of this was provided as a service that included technology refreshes to the latest solutions and a fully staffed technical support team that focused on keeping their video network operational.

With the benefits of a cost-effective service coupled with the high-reliability of a managed service, Simmons Bank has been able to utilize video communications as a mission-critical application.  Usage of the service has been high and has expanded since the initial implementation.  Used by employees and executives, the service has been used in training applications, board meetings, and as an important communication tool during acquisitions and mergers.