Tap To Treat

Tap To Treat is a healthcare provider that serves employers and patients remotely, via the internet, through the practice of Telemedicine. Tap To Treat’s focus is work-related injury or illness, or stop-gap/walk-in medical care.  Using the latest technology, they provide easily accessible, affordable, reliable and convenient health care to patients, wherever they are. Via the Tap To Treat App, patients are able to meet virtually, face to face, with an experienced medical provider who performs a virtual exam, assesses the patient’s condition and recommends a customized treatment plan.



As a provider of occupational health services, Tap To Treat understands that employees need access to fast, effective care—and employers want to maintain a safe, healthy and productive work environment. When an injury or illness occurs at work, immediate, quality treatment is a must—and a visit to an outside clinic or hospital is often costly and inconvenient, as many employees already drive an hour or two to work each day. Also, each off-site practitioner may have a different way of treating work-related cases without a clear understanding of the workers’ compensation process with which Tap To Treat is familiar.


As a result, Tap To Treat wanted to implement a virtual Telemedicine treatment system that could be used across large organizations with multiple locations. The goal was to create a universal system to determine the least invasive treatment methods while maintaining the most favorable patient outcomes—all while adhering to workers’ compensation processes—which often differ state to state—and of course, OSHA regulations.



Tap To Treat contacted IDSolutions in order to create a virtual meeting space that would best serve both patients and their employers. With Continuity, Tap to Treat was able to roll out a universal system of Telemedicine that can support the needs of large companies. “We expect injuries to be managed efficiently, creatively, and proactively, and we provide the highest level injury management in the industry,” said Dr. David K. Tutor, Medical Director of Tap To Treat’s occupational telemedicine service. “We provide a holistic approach with the least invasive treatment. It requires a lot of attention to detail and adherence to different state Worker’s Compensation processes and OSHA regulations.”

With Continuity, each case can be handled quickly, capably, and on-site, and in the most direct and least invasive way possible—often without expensive testing or surgery that might lengthen recovery times. And, because of Tap To Treat’s expertise in handling worker’s compensation claims, both patient and employer save both time and money.



“Tap To Treat’s mission is to make it easy for our patients to get prompt, personalized quality medical care without having to leave their home or workplace,” said Dr. Tutor. “We’ve found that 60-70% of patients can be treated this way—and if necessary, we can refer them to a nurse practitioner or specialist while remaining involved in the treatment process. This allows us to facilitate much faster patient recovery while managing the worker’s compensation aspect of each case. The service we’ve built with IDSolutions is a win-win for patients and their employers.”


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