Private Cloud Model for Video Collaboration

With the geography of the work space rapidly changing, along with the number of remote employees increasing each year, collaboration tools are more important than ever. Collaboration platforms must be deployed and completely integrated within normal workflows for an organization to increase efficiency, maintain core competencies, and expand the traditional business culture. Without key collaboration solutions like Skype for Business and video communication services, companies will quickly fall behind their competitors.


When deploying these cloud-based software platforms, there are several implementation options for businesses to consider. For example, one of the newest deployment methods for video collaboration is the Private Cloud Model. This configuration involves installing the service (hardware/software) on premise within the organization’s environment, while being managed entirely by the cloud service provider. Some significant benefits of the Private Cloud Model include:


  • Risk Reduction – By hosting the core video infrastructure within the organization’s network, all video traffic remains safely inside corporate security walls – Firewall traversal and gatekeeper functionalities are built into the Private Cloud model to allow a safe path for external video participants. Additionally, all recorded assets are held within the controlled environment for added security of documented private data. Therefore, keeping the video infrastructure on premise results in a reduction in security risks associated with cloud-based solutions.
  • Efficient Economics – Unlike other video implementation options, the Private Cloud model allows businesses to quickly obtain the benefits of video collaboration without high barriers to entry. For example, clear advantages of an operating expense model (OpEx), as opposed to a large capital expenditure (CapEx), include the ability for organizations to control cash flows for video costs and to easily upgrade to newer technology as it becomes available on the market. With the capital expenditure option, companies are “stuck” with depreciating hardware that requires maintenance, software updates, and management.
  • Strategic Focus – Organizations need to focus on the core business practices. Therefore, the Private Cloud model allows organizations to gain functionality, expertise, scale, reach and reliability, while also freeing up IT resources and enabling staff to concentrate on the strategic business areas. By allowing a third-party specialist to manage, monitor, and maintain the entire video collaboration platform, the solution simply works.


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