We are a Telehealth enablement, integration and support organization working to prove ourselves with our expertise, reputation, consulting, design, implementation, and HIPAA certified 7×24 support. Implementing Telehealth is challenging because the requirements of any program and its’ users are infinitely diverse and disparate. We are focused on telehealth enabling YOUR care programs, integrating and supporting the diverse and disparate as if they were ONE program, YOUR program.


Continuity – Telehealth Enabled


Securely connecting, integrating, and supporting your diverse & disparate clinical data, people, workflows and systems. We know the following; our population is ever increasing, there are more people in their 60’s than ever before, chronic illnesses are dominating resources, and that the doctor shortage is alarming. Based upon this knowledge thankfully we can leverage technology to do things differently. Continuity enables this change for your organization while giving great consideration to your existing workflows and processes. Most importantly Continuity does this with end to end 7x24 support.  


Your normal care program, Telehealth enabled.  Do what you do well everyday leveraging technology.  With Continuity as your Telehealth foundation you ensure your Telehealth program is PHI/HIPAA secure compliant, reliable, easy to use, affordable, scalable, supportable, efficient, flexible, integrates with existing systems & new technologies and has a future vision.  

MedSitter - The Modern approach to patient Observation

MedSitter Web Edition is a SaaS approach to patient sitting that was designed to bring scalability and consistency to patient observation programs.  It replaces the traditional 1-to-1 patient sitting model into a virtual engagement and observation solution that can reach hundreds of rooms across multiple monitoring stations while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction and significant cost savings. MedSitter is the most flexible solution for patient observation in the industry today.


MedSitter Web Edition uses standards-based video technology to provide real-time interactive patient observation.  While observing up to 10 patient rooms from a central location, sitters utilize 2-way audio and video, real-time motion detection, and far end camera control to quickly detect instances of movement or distress and immediately interact with patients or deploy onsite help.   Other features include visual incident logging, patient privacy mode, staff alarms and the ability for virtual doctors visits plus so much more.

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Virtually Connecting People Clinically

Virtual Doctor Office Video Visits

EHR Updates & Access Workflows

Patient, Providers & Administrator Interfaces

Scheduling & Availability

Diagnostic Devices

Data Collection, Updates & Integration

Communication Tools

SDK & API Utilization

Face to Face to Face Collaboration



Unified Reporting & Dashboards

In Their Own Words

We currently have 13 Vidyo servers and more on the way. Our support has always been done by IDSolutions, they have provided us service 24x7 and have been an excellent partner with us going forward here.
Bob O’Neil, UPMC
If you’re interested in partnering with IDSolutions as a healthcare integrator, you would not be disappointed. They’ve been a valuable asset to our services. We’ve been able to increase our utilization over 400% within the past 5 years and I expect that to continue with this product and this service we can scale with relative ease.
Steve Dean/Inova
We absolutely love working with IDSolutions. The reason why we love working with them is because they are collaborate, innovative and address all of our concerns in a timely manner.
Laura Messineo, Presence Health

Telehealth Enabled Consultation

Let us Prove It -- We are working to prove our experience, expertise and ability to implement and support your telehealth program-- We work to help you prove the benefits of telehealth within your organization-- We are simply asking for the chance to prove ourselves to you and your organization-- We want to prove our value and earn your confidence