The Top 5 Reasons why Video in Healthcare is growing, and fast!

  1. TIME!
    TIME TIME TIME! Doctors and nurses schedules are hectic. With the use of telemedicine it is allowing them to meet quickly. Anytime, anywhere with anyone. With the use of Video Conferencing it’s allowing people in the healthcare field to have more time. Time is valuable and so are patients!
  2. Money
    You know the saying, “Money talks.” In telemedicine and to hospitals all around the world- it does. In order for healthcare professionals to be up to date with the newest technologies and developing diseases and treatments they must travel. Video Conferencing allows them to meeting with anyone across the globe without ever leaving their home or office. Saving money on time, travel and the expenses that come along with it!
  3. Convenience
    Let’s face it- these days we are all about convenience. We all want it here and now. There is a huge growth in the Video Conferencing field in healthcare because of this! For a doctor to be able to meet with a patient conveniently and efficiently is huge. It’s what the industry is starting to rely on and become.
  4. Demand
    There is a huge demand in this industry because it allows all of the above- Time, money and convenience. It’s more convenient for a patient to meet their doctor without leaving their home. More and more hospitals are relying on telemedicine for their everyday lives which in turn is in high demand. There are hundreds of applications that allow the ease of use to happen!
  5.  Efficiency
    Who doesn’t love something efficient and effective? We all do. It gives physicians and patients increased mobility which in turn saves them time and money! Working with video conferencing care in not only the healthcare industry, but any industry is a win-win. You cannot go wrong with something that will enhance your life!

I know all of these reasons are significant in a Video Conferencing based solution. We currently have deployed a solution in the Stroke Care Now Network. You can watch that webinar here:

As well as read our case study regarding such a remarkable solution! Right now is the time to join the Video Conferencing world! Have you seen a demo of how easy it is? Would you be willing to give 5 minutes for an entire new world of ease?

Comment below! Let me know your thoughts on the growing market.