Three Advantages to using Video Teleconferencing (that you might not have thought of)



  1. Impromptu Brainstorming:

While trying to polish your sales tactics, it’s often a great idea to reach out and ask for other ideas. Video teleconferencing can help to achieve cohesive communication and connection with your work-mates throughout your building. Perhaps Sam is three floors up and you need his perspective on the spot, just call him and you both can discuss whatever obstacles you might be facing. This also is a great opportunity to vet your customer-facing presentations to others within your organization. You can also solicit great advice and turning out even better content.


2. Recruiting new candidates

Instead of ferrying candidates to your hiring department, video conferencing can simplify the whole experience by allowing distance interviews. Not only will this provide a way to gauge a potential hiree’s confidence on camera for when they are faced with VTC meetings, it also allows you to sift through a deeper talent pool in a wider area.


  1. Enabling your IT Team

Allowing your IT Team to remotely solve technical issues saves time and boosts overall productivity. Not only can you use VTC to engage with the user, your IT team will be able to access data about previous and similar issues from their own desks.