Why all the verticals are taking advantage of Live Streaming

From corporate to education to healthcare to government, taking advantage of live streaming is something each segment of the marketplace has in common. The latest technological advances have made it possible to stream live events from anyone anywhere in the world from virtually any device. This makes it possible to stream live events from an iOS, Windows or Android device to any of these same devices for playback. In all market sectors from education to corporate to government, there is no longer a need for high end and costly equipment to stream live morning announcements, lecture capture, professional development, sporting events, graduation, town hall meetings, CEO broadcasts or remote field trips to name a few. Many of these events can be done with a simple laptop and webcam. What’s even better is that these events can all be recorded for later playback on-demand to further add to a positive end-user experience.

There are many benefits to taking advantage of live streaming, such as:

  • Allows one to ┬áreach a much larger audience, with virtually no limit
  • Better exposure, allows one to promote an event to a much wider range of people
  • No restriction on user base interaction, you define the parameters
  • Viewer interaction and engagement via interactive tools, such as chat, moderated Q&A, polls, and surveys allowing increased interaction and real-time feedback
  • Event template customization allows your organization to create a unique, branded, meeting experience, tailored to your specific requirements
  • Webcasts can be automatically archived and stored in a secure video portal along with other multimedia content for future on-demand playback
  • Assets are viewable on virtually any device
  • Analytics tracking ensures that a message is getting through to its intended audience and ones that are not anticipated
  • Affordability, streaming live events is budget friendly
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce travel expenses for meetings, costs of reserving conference facilities, and the need to invest in expensive conference bridges
  • Stored content can be later viewed on-demand with / or without viewer access privileges

In summary, streaming live events has become one of the biggest trends in organizational communication giving it the ability to educate its target audience, broadcast an event, or hold a question and answer session. In addition, an organization can broadcast news about your business or institution at any giving moment from the office or in the car. Mobile streaming services will make explaining a product or relaying any relevant news to pertinent or particular information easy and productive.