Video Conferencing 101…the do’s and don’ts in 4 simple rules…

As video conferencing becomes an essential part of day to day business, whether its for in classroom instruction, business meetings, or fast tracking delivering of services.


Here are a few tips of the do’s and don’ts to enable you in having an effective and positive experience.


Do….ensure you’re properly dressed.

Treat a video conference call with the same level of professionalism as you would a face to face meeting.  Do dress appropriate as you never know what the camera will find or when you might need to step away for an impromptu interruption.  You don’t want to be caught in a pair of pajamas.


Do…be courteous to others in the call…mute yourself if you’re not speaking.

Mute your audio to avoid unneeded distractions caused by background noise, sidebar conversations, or just from being in a non-private environment.  Speaking from experience, by muting and reducing the background noise not only helps in eliminating distractions, it also aids in the flow of the call and keeping your meeting on schedule.


Do…be punctual.

Treat a video conference meeting with the same importance as a face to face meeting, be on time, in fact, join a couple of minutes in advance to ensure your audio and video settings are setup correctly.  Everyone will appreciate staying on schedule and on task.  Don’t be that participate trying to troubleshoot your camera and speakers when your scheduled call should’ve already started.


Do…come prepared.

Come prepared for your video meeting just as you would for a face to face meeting.  Have your presentation or content ready to share…don’t spend valuable meeting time searching thru files and folders.

If you follow these 4 simple steps, chances are you’ll have a positive video conferencing experience and set the stage for many more to come.