Welcome to the IDS Helpdesk

Our Helpdesk is an Extension of Yours

When it comes to providing support, IDSolutions offers a wide variety of support options to fit every organization and budget. IDCare offerings ensures your system remains operational and with the latest version of software. Our support team is highly trained in all of latest technologies and are all HIPAA certified.  Our experienced technicians are the most qualified in the industry and are only a phone call or email away.

Our core business hours are 8:00AM TO 8:00PM EST MONDAYS THROUGH FRIDAYS with a problem initiation response goal of 15 minutes or less.  When you invest in a solution from IDSolutions you are covered by our help desk support team who can assist with system updates, troubleshooting and operational questions. In the event that your support contract expires, customers can leverage our support team on a time and material basis. Whether it’s a question on system operation or to discuss best practices, the IDS help desk is here to help. IDSolutions customers with a valid support contract can open up a trouble ticket using our on-line form.

Call our toll-free support number 877-774-3526

System Test: Looking to test out your system to see if it is video conferencing capable? Check out this handy tool.