What a Huddle Room Is, and Why You Should Care.


One of the biggest challenges for growing businesses is being able to facilitate fast, effective, and efficient collaboration among their teams, without having to invest in large and complex video conferencing systems. The trend? Huddle rooms.

Huddle rooms are designed for quick ‘pop up’ or scheduled meetings, where a group of attendees is small, and close strategic interaction is beneficial. Huddle rooms ensure quick and easy idea sharing with minimal planning or hardware.

Collaboration is the life blood of modern business. The ability to facilitate it in an environment where a video conferencing solution is simple and easy to use are key to the success of collaborative events in today’s marketplace. In order for teams to interact most effectively, modern workplaces should outfit huddle rooms with at least the following:

  • A reliable video conferencing platform
  • High quality TV, LCD or LED monitor for video interactions
  • Interactive or regular whiteboard for sharing of ideas and initiatives
  • A small centrally located table that allows for sitting or standing
  • Chairs (depending on environment and space)

The value huddle rooms provide is wide reaching. By allowing small groups to meet quickly and in a quiet space, in a setting where ideas can be shared and evaluated within close proximity to local and remote members joining via video, huddle rooms encourage everyone in the group to participate and collaborate. Most offices have begun to realize that turning those unused offices or larger open spaces into huddle spaces has a significant and uplifting effect on the rapid sharing of ideas and initiatives within the organization.

One of the best parts of huddle rooms is that they are an amazingly cost effective ways to provide increased team interaction and productivity. Modern video conferencing collaboration systems are extremely adaptable, allowing for the huddle room to utilize traditional codec based systems, while also integrating the growing base of software systems such as Zoom, Skype for Business, and several others. This is where the value of a technology integrator like IDSolutions shines. By utilizing a seasoned video conferencing integration specialist, you are able to rely on years of experience in navigating the complex technologies and options that go into huddle rooms, and you can ensure the best user experience and value for your technological spend.