Continuity Telehealth








Happy, Healthy Customers!  Do what you do now Virtually.

  • Your organzation
  • Your Patients
  • Your Systems…All Telehealth enabled.

IDSolutions Healthcare brings you a Zoom for Telehealth platform that creates numerous benefits for customers, including:

  • Simple-to-use unified video, audio, content sharing, and chat platform
  • Integration and service focused on connecting, integrating, and supporting secure telehealth workflows including scheduling, information exchange, support, EMR, and analytics
  • Encrypted and secure to enable HIPAA compliance
  • One solution for both telehealth and enterprise healthcare use cases including home healthcare, virtual patient care workflows, remote patient monitoring, remote specialist visits, population health management and education, care coordination, team meetings and chats, investor and donor relations, partner and vendor meetings, marketing webinars, and so forth
  • Consistent high quality, even in low-bandwidth environments
  • Far-end camera control
  • Connectivity with point-of-care devices such as digital stethoscopes
  • 24x7x365 support

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